California missionary killed in southern Lebanon

November 22nd, 2002

Here is another an example of the current actions of the poor, downtrodden Muslim people, that leads to the current high levels of non-sympathy for their situation in the civilized world.

When something like that happens in the ‘civilized’ world, the local government agencies go all out to find the person who did it and insure that it doesn’t happen again. The local, civilian communities respond in outrage and help to insure that the person who did it is caught.

In the poor, downtrodden Muslim world, the local governments make vague gestures of sorrow and accomplish nothing. The local, civilian community goes out of its way to idolize and hide the person who did it.

And yet, they wonder why sympathy is lacking. History is replete with stories of poor, downtrodden ethnic groups that rose above their suffering while acting with honor and integrity. The Muslim community has NOT shown itself to be one of those groups. Maybe that is why they are still suffering.

Where are the stories of people of honor and integrity coming from the Middle East? Where are the Muslim equivalents this young, American nurse, who gave her life working to better the lives of others?

It appears that the only Muslim equivalents we hear about are those who give their lives to ruin the lives of others.

Not quite the same.

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