Call them John Doe

A comment about the latest Mall shooting got me thinking. The dummy with the gun wrote that he would be remembered for his actions. Too often someone tries to become famous by doing something evil, thus gaining themselves a place in infamy.

Here is my thought. Why don’t we stop naming them, in the media, in books and on TV, with their real names, but assign them a nondescript alias, a John Doe, to deny them a distinctive place in history. The key would be to never, ever refer to them by name in the media, except by their alias.

“Today, it was reported that the John Doe who shot his friend also posted a journal entry announcing his attentions…”

We could setup a web site to disambiguate the various John Does, to allow researchers to tie specific information to the correct person. Thus, instead of discussing Charles Manson, we could discuss JohnDoe19341112, using his birth date as a key.

Let’s deny them their place in infamy, and add them to an anonymous collection of losers.

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