Where is there freedom from extremists?

I am going through a period of political party discontent.  I’ve always considered myself to be a conservative, joking that I was a little to the right of Attila the Hun.  However, recent years have strained that relationship.  Many of the key leaders on all sides seem to be using tactics based on bullying the public, via a supportive media, to get what they want… irregardless of the consequences.

1. As a Vietnam Veteran, I have an aversion to War, which has led to strong revulsion against many of the so-called Conservative leaders.  They all seem to be fully in support of the military-industrial complex and continuous war.

2. As a Christian, I have an aversion to the small government people, who don’t seem to care who gets hurt in the endless war on governmental services, while at the same time they defend an imbalanced tax system that burdens the most needy, while giving bonuses to those who are already blessed.

My problem is simple.  Every party seems to be running under the control of extremist.  Where do I turn?

These two articles echo my questions, except I cannot accept their conclusions.

Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame

Why Am I Moving Left?

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